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Name:James Bond
Birthdate:Apr 13, 1968
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
"What would he think of the dashing secret agent who was off across the world in a new and most romantic role - to pimp for England?" -- From Russia With Love

For all intents and purposes, many would assume James Bond to be a well-educated man of money, a womaniser, a smooth talker and possibly even an occasional gentleman, born of a Scottish father and Swiss mother, and a traveller of the world. But life hasn't always been quite so kind to him.

The biggest event in his life happened during his childhood, when at only eleven years old, both his parents were killed in a mountain climbing accident in the South East of France, leaving Bond orphaned. Previously he was educated in Switzerland and Germany, though after his parents death, he was to live with his aunt (who he later lost during his late-teens) in a small English village where he continued his education from home for some time, privately tutored by her. He was later briefly sent to Eton College, a boarding school near Windsor, but after constant curfew violations and 'trouble' with one of the maids, he was promptly expelled. Not long after, he was sent to Fettes college in Edinburgh, where he excelled in both educational and athletic involvements. James even took up boxing for the school, as well as forming a school league for judo.

At the age of seventeen, he joined the Navy, once again excelling in his training though stumbling upon some trouble due to his unconventional methods and his approach to his superiors. Though he started his early service as an intelligence officer, he soon moved on to the Special Forces Unit, besting his colleagues with his techniques and sailing through assignments with little difficulty while climbing the rank structure. After more than proving himself, James was rewarded the rank of Commander and recruited by the RNR Defence Intelligence Group, where he was to aid in gathering intelligence.

By the time he was in the MI6 and only thirty years old, Bond was known to be more than capable of performing any task, though rather less capable of strictly following orders despite his military background. His need to push himself had him rising to the challenge of becoming a 00, and the rest is indeed history.

From then on, he gets involved in a high-stakes poker game, falls in love, gets his heart broken, gets his balls busted, screws over a big-time villain, sleeps with numerous women, kills a lot of people, has chases in every vehicle imaginable, pisses off M, makes up with M, gets sort of suspended, finds out about an organisation called Quantum, screws over an organisation called Quantum, pisses off the American Government, pisses of the British Government, pisses off most other countries, gets reinstated, continues to be James goddamn Bond.

Bond. James Bond

Since the loss of his parents at a young age, plus the death of his guardian in his teens and the disappearance of his second father figure, James Bond has tended to steer clear of any and all commitments, be they friendships or relationships. His abandonment issues lead to him displaying no interest in the concept of a long-lasting relationship and the idea of love, while his friendships tend to never last, or be somewhat irregular. He's a lone wolf, if you'll forgive the phrase, far more attracted to solitary approaches, even in the form of hobbies, of which he has many, including climbing despite his family tragedy. When given the option, James would gladly choose minimal to no company, yet he carries himself with such a casual ease and high level of self-assurance that interacting with people comes across as comfortable, often attracting many with his charming attitude and confidence, even if he doesn't purposefully seek out companionship. Unless, of course, it's for sexual activity.

In fact, unless sex is on the cards, any other sort of company is barely registered, let alone welcomed, and ridding himself of people comes equally easily due to the fact he's a total arsehole. Although some of this earlier canon tends to gloss over the fact, James is a complete dick for about 90% of the time thanks to his self-absorption. He tends to see people more as having their uses for his ultimate goal, rather than as human beings. Women tend to be sex-objects or annoyances, while men tend to be occasionally useful or to get the fuck out of his way. Having depended on himself for so long has made James far too psychologically introverted, relying and gaining inspiration almost solely from himself and having little interest in the views of others. When teamed up with partners, Bond tends to be a total pain in the arse and does everything his own way no matter what the agreements happen to be. There is, of course, the rare occasion that he grows to trust someone enough to allow them their own opinion, as can be seen with people such as M, Felix, Mathis and Camille, by which point he's as loyal as any dog and will risk his life for their safety.

As for relationships, they tend to be few and far between with James and the ones he keeps are generally strained or complicated. His approach to women is old fashioned and considered misogynistic at times, though his sexism isn't quite as extensive as some assume. Despite his constant womanising and apparent disregard for women in general, James' superior and to some extent parental figure, M, is not only female, but someone Bond looks up to and respects, even if with an obvious resentment at times. His casual, self-indulgent attitude often puts him in trouble with his superiors, as he not only fails to follow direct orders that differ from his own ideas, but he also finds amusement in pushing the boundaries of rank and structure, even if his attempts at rebelling are often subtle. Even his one serious relationship with Vesper displays his ability to regard women (and others) in an equal light rather than an air of superiority and proves that he's easily pussy whipped. Oooh yeah. However, Vesper's death affected him greatly and made him a more stubborn and bitter man because of it, taking the death as a personal failure. After such a blow to his ego and libido, Bond even manages to approach some women without the need for sex and proves such when he encounters Camille, immediately forming a somewhat professional relationship and never actually sleeping with her. Amazing, innit?

Despite encountering death from an early age, he doesn't pretend to have much interest in it, refusing to put any fear into the idea of death and all too often endangering his own life for the sake of risk-taking. Bond likes to push himself, mentally and physically, and isn't happy unless he's being exceptionally challenged or is at a high risk. He strives off chaos and lives for constant change, aiming to keep his heart racing and his adrenaline pumping. In fact, without those factors, he tends to lead himself into boredom and depression, as is so often the case after his missions are complete and he's faced with the drudgery of months on end of desk work and routine. He needs something to focus on at all times, and enjoys seeking and setting goals that he can approach and achieve without letting his emotions get in the way.

For those that get to know him for more than just his easy approach and dry wit will no doubt find him to have a fairly developed sense of humour, of which he tends to use for most situations to cover for any insecurities or uncomfortable moments. His humour is typically British, full of sarcasm and deprecation for himself and others, occasionally causing offence but, for the most part, just being a total annoyance. As a real life troll, James has a habit of saying and doing things just because he can, frequently hoping to get a rise out of people because pissing people off is far more entertaining than a civil conversation. It's not at all unexpected for James to come out with something derogatory just because, although his aim for reactions are often to aid him in picking through the liars. Much like professionals who read expressions and reactions, James often says and does things for a similar purpose, however odd his actions may come across. If he succeeds in his work, Bond doesn't care how others portray him, in fact, most people who meet James will have varying opinions on him, ranging from a lovely bloke to a complete bastard. Even the secret service psychologists have varying views on him, at least one of them having classed him as a bordering sociopath for his complete disregard for social norms.

On the rare occasions that James is at a loss for words, he can have quite the opposite reaction from his usual jovial behaviour, instead withdrawing from the outer world and watching it from within a cynical and unimpressed bubble, making him unwilling to co-operate and become exceptionally stubborn. In fact, to many, his attitude at this stage comes across as extremely childish, more like a sulking teen who can't have his own way than a responsible adult. Under all that pouting is, however, a calculating mind that tends to work overtime when things aren't going his way and has always managed to pull him out of a tight spot. He's still alive today thanks to that intelligence of his, and while on the outside he may just look like a beefcake, James is blessed with a high IQ that only feeds into his knowledge that he's pretty darn amazing. In fact, his looks tend to help him in more ways than one, frequently being underestimated in his line of work, which plays to his advantage.

Still, despite all his faults, his failings, and his habit of coming across as a total bastard, James Bond is loyal through and through to not only Queen and Country, but also those close to him, fighting the good fight while being a devilishly handsome rogue. What's not to love about UKs pop culture icon?


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I do not own or make any claims to owning any of the franchise of James Bond. James Bond is the creation of Ian Fleming and this version is played by Daniel Craig, and I am obviously neither of these men. This journal is for nothing more than non-profit roleplay purposes. Kthx.
Permission is given to all to smash Bond's fourth wall as much as you want. Bond smashes his own fourth wall all the time so it's really no issue. Being one of the worlds most well known spies is just something he has to live with.
Both mun and muse are way over 18.
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